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Mechanical Engineering

Etteplan China provides mechanical engineering design services and solutions for the demand of machines, equipment, products and production line projects.

Our expertise and know-how help customer to develop complex mechanical designs and products, meanwhile significantly reduce time to market and optimize the cost.

Concept design
Concept design in product

Equipment and part design
Equipment and part design in different industries

Modeling and conversion
CAD modeling and detail design, manufacturing drawing and BOM, 2D-3D conversion

Strength analysis
CAE structural analysis; FEA

Item management
Analyzing existing component lists, selection, harmonization, 3D modeling and library creation

Localization design
Localization of drawings, material and components

Supplier Quality Engineering
Supplierscreening & Audit
On-site quality assurance during ramp-up and manufacturing phase

Special expertise areas:

Non-standard automationline design
Non-standard equipment and automatic production line

PTA design
Power train assembly line and work station

Tools and fixture design
Tools and fixture in manufacturing and assembly

Paper Industry
Paper production line detail design from layout

Heavy steel structures
Heavy steel structures design such as harbor cranes and port facilities etc.

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